Meet the chef: Nick Deverell-Smith

Having worked with some of the best names in the world of food, Nick explains why running his own business in the Cotswolds is the fulfilment of a dream

Tell us what inspired you to become a chef?
When I was young, studying didn’t come easily to me. I would come home and by way of release I would often bake bread and cake. I was only about 10 at the time, and that’s when I got the cooking bug.

You’ve worked alongside the likes of Marcus Wareing, Gordon Ramsay and Eric Chavot, tell us more about working with such culinary superstars
The attributes all these three superstar chefs have in common is their hard work and dedication to be at the top of their game. Working under them was a huge honour and set me in a good steed to get where I am today.

You now run your own business at The Churchill Arms, what made you take the plunge?
It has always been my dream to be my own boss.

Working in the Cotswolds must be very different to London, do you miss the buzz of the Capital?
I love the Cotswolds … but I get my London fix travelling back every month. It’s always good to be back and see all the new restaurants popping up.

What are the highlights of your spring/summer menu?
I would have to say our asparagus and Jersey royal starter, chicken Kiev with wild garlic as a main and Churchill’s Bakewell tart for pudding.

What’s your signature dish?
That’s easy…… my smoked haddock souffle, beautifully light and moreish.

Favourite ingredient?

Favourite kitchen gadget?
I am old school…. I have a great blender that makes lovely smooth soups and purees.

Kitchen soundtrack?
Growing up Marco Pierre White and Liam Gallagher were my heroes…… so anything by Oasis, turned up loud!

Favourite restaurant(s) when you have some time off?
I eat at Pen Yen at Soho farmhouse a lot in the Cotswolds and when in London wherever Eric Chavot is cooking. I also went to Duck and Rice in Soho recently, it’s a cool Chinese set in a pub! It’s great!

Words of wisdom to your younger self?
Keep pushing, follow your dreams

What would you do if you weren’t a chef?
I have a friend who is a fashion photographer, He travels the world and makes the most of life! I wouldn’t mind his job.


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