Meet the chef: Paul Foster, Salt

Paul Foster has just been awarded his first Michelin star for his restaurant Salt in Stratford-upon-Avon and he’s just about to publish his first cook book

A Michelin star! You must be very proud…
Over the moon, it is a goal I have wanted to achieve since I was 16, it still hasn’t quite sunk in yet 

Tell us more about your first solo project, going it alone is always tough
Going alone was tough but I had to take the risk or I would have kicked myself for never making the leap. 

Crowdfunding was brave, did you really believe it would work?
I did believe before I did it, but the whole 30 days were horrible my wife and I went through every emotion , from not believing to believing on a daily bases.

You’ve worked in some amazing restaurants in the past including Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons and The French Laundry in California. What did that teach you?
Importantly I learnt how to cook, but it goes much deeper than that, i learnt how to follow seasons, inspire people and also the importance of the whole journey food takes to get to the plate.

Where does the name Salt come from?
Our food is about purity of flavour, there is no food more pure that salt.

What type of food are you serving?
We serve modern British fine dining with a focus on highlighting the best produce available.

Signature dish?
Carrot cooked in chicken fat, pickled carrot, crispy chicken skin.

Your culinary heroes?
There are loads but mainly Sat Bains, Thomas Keller and Nico Ladenis.

Words of wisdom to your younger self?
None other than carry on believing in your own ability.

Any plans for more restaurants?
Not as yet, we have big plans for salt and want to push it as far as possible.

Paul’s debut cookbook Salt is out in November and available to buy online

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