Meet the chef: Pierre Boffo

At only 24 years old, Pierre heads up the restaurant at La Réserve in Saint-Jean-de-Luz Having trained with some of the best Michelin starred chefs in South West France, his menu showcases modern French Basque cuisine

What inspired you to become a chef?
When I was little, I would do lots of baking with my grandma, who would often make an amazing pot-au-feu on Sunday evenings. The love for taste and eating well guided me on my culinary path.

You are only 24, heading up a kitchen at such a young age must be quite a challenge?
Yes of course, it is a great challenge to take charge of a restaurant like Ilura at 24 years old, but I love to a good challenge. For me today, the real challenge is pleasing our clients.

Tell us more about your style of cooking?
My cuisine is refined, modern and focused on making the most of local seasonal products

Signature dish?
Buckwheat, carrot bastélica and orange. It’s fresh, perfect for the summer, nutritious, gluten free and vegan.

Favourite ingredient?
Olive oil, I cook and season all my dishes with olive oil

Favourite kitchen gadget?
My knives (always very sharp), they allow me to carve, chop, slice…

Kitchen soundtrack?
I love listening to music while I cook, my favourite artists are Big Flo and Oli (also from my hometown of Toulouse)

Other chefs that inspire you?
Michel Bras for the plant-based side of his cuisine and the close human connection he has with his team and Alain Ducasse for his relationship with the products

Where do you like to eat when you’re not working?
I like to discover other small restaurants in my region or eat tapas in Spain

What would you be doing if cooking was not your career?
I would’ve loved to be a gardener or a florist

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