Restaurant review: Riding Dinner Vienna

If you’re looking for a unique romantic activity during your city break, Riding Dinner Vienna is a must.

Tradition meets 21st-century glamour on this ride through the beautiful city. Relax in your traditional horse-drawn carriage as you snuggle with a cosy blanket, or enjoy an open-top roof whilst your personal butler serves you your chosen food and drink on board. With a selection of wine, champagne and classic Viennese culinary delights available to accompany the sightseeing tour, you will certainly feel regal as you slowly trot over the cobblestones past palaces, museums, parliament and other stunningly majestic buildings in the Austrian capital.

The experience is the brainchild of Marco Pollandt and Raimund Novotny. At just 23 and 26 years of age, the pair – who have a background in F&B and tourism, plus experience working in 5-star hotels and private jets – have created a unique business idea which combines Viennese tradition and 21st-century glamour.

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Standard tour packages currently available are the shorter “Sparkling Tour” (295€ per carriage) 40 minutes with alcohol and snacks, or the 90-minute “Culinary Sightseeing Tour” (480€ for 2 people, 595€ for 4 people) which includes an aperitif, 3-course meals complete with Schnitzel and apple Strudel, wine and water. All tours can be personalised by getting in touch with Marco and Raimund directly.,

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By Steph Theodosiou

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