Get the look: The Professional Kitchen

Jenny Hurran, the founder of Out There Interiors shares a love for the minimalist kitchen trend

I finally used the vegan cookery course voucher Mark bought me for Christmas on the weekend. I wasn’t very enthusiastic (I am a very ‘all or nothing’ cook; embarking on a ridiculously complex 12 course meal on occasion but living on pot noodles and fake fish fingers the rest of the time) but oh it was good! I’m off on holiday on Thursday but intend to get stuck into cashew cheese and chia seeds as soon as I get home.

I was also hugely inspired by the kitchen which was the venue for the course. White walls, black floor, steel tables and meat hooks were combined with a smattering of natural wood and plant life. It was minimalist and stripped back with robust monochromatic appliances. Everything was well used but thoroughly scrubbed clean. This was a professional kitchen.

My new found enthusiasm for both cooking and kitchen design meant my eye was drawn to these new pieces which embrace the 2018 trend for unfitted, eclectic kitchens. Practicality and style combine to create some striking workhorse furniture that will inspire you to get chopping.”

Get the look

Keep it monochrome but soften the look with natural materials. Quality wood chopping boards, bowls and baskets.

Console on wheels, £1,300

Wooden shelving unit, £955

Black inspection lamp, £72

Wide industrial display cabinet, £1,075

Metal cabinet with drawer, £1,200

Rattan bar stool, £210

Factory lamp, £175

Small industrial cabinet, £565

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