How to choose your dream kitchen

Matt Prall from Papilio Bespoke Kitchen Design offers his top six tips for creating the perfect kitchen

Ccreating your dream kitchen is limited pretty much only by your imagination and how much you have to spend. Put your project in the hands of an expert and work together on a kitchen that looks beautiful but is practical and suits your lifestyle too.

Work out your budget
Knowing your budget is an obvious but vital step to establish what type of kitchen is affordable – bespoke or modular. The advantage of bespoke mean that you do not have to compromise on any details of the kitchen and there is no limitation to colours and styles. Everything can be hand made to fit, lasting for 20+ years. Modular kitchens are limited to size and specific styles and have a limited life but obviously, the price tag considers this.

Think about how you use your kitchen
Do you want to socialise in your kitchen?  Is the kitchen a place that you congregate as a family or do you simply want the kitchen to be used for cooking? Functionality in the kitchen is extremely important and letting your kitchen designer know how you intend on using the space will ensure the design matches your expectations.

Source inspiration
Pinterest a useful tool for our clients in the early planning stages. Creating a quick board filled with existing kitchens you like, materials, colours and textures can give a kitchen designer a good set of images to take inspiration from. You can also use collaborative boards to share ideas.

Consider appliances
While you may think that this is something you can think about later, appliances can be very influential factors on the final design and should be considered from the get-go.

Research trends
While kitchens should be timeless, incorporating upcoming trends can really make you feel ahead of the crowd. Do some research into worktops as these can vary dramatically in price and functionality. The current trend for marble worktops is a very impractical choice for a working kitchen as this material is porous and soft – Neolith is an excellent and practical alternative.

Visualise your kitchen
Try to imagine your kitchen as you would like it to be in reality, and if you aren’t able to do that, employ a kitchen designer to create a £3D render of your dream kitchen. Kitchens are expensive and getting it right first time is important.

Papilio is a bespoke kitchen design company run by Matt Prall and Stephen Garland. They specialise in integrating the latest technology and modern appliances into kitchens. Prices for a bespoke kitchen start from £25,000.

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